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Baliw? A Documentary

They are seen almost everywhere, roaming around, talking to no one.

Who are they? Those people with mental disabilities. Or as we call in our country, “baliw.” My groupmates and I wanted to know more about them. So we used the opportunity given to us by our Post Production Professor, Ms. Joanne Valdez.

For our finals, we were assigned to make a documentary and edit it ourselves.


Head writer, head editor, cinematographer, and researcher: Me.


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Enzo x Mica: Couple Photogaphy

For our Photography Class, we have to take a ‘pre-nuptial photoshoot.’ Since we don’t have any more time to look for a legit couple about to be married, we just got our classmate (the guy) and his girlfriend model for us.

And since it’s not really a pre-nup, I just called it Couple Shoot.

Here’s the photos I took.


They look great together…

which made me miss someone during the shoot :p

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Ideal Site

Another thing I did for our Web Design class, which is our finals, is our ideal portfolio site.



I made it look artsy and colorful. I also incorporated stuff related to what I do (pencil and notebook for writing)

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Sample Layout

Something I made for our Web Design Class when I was in second year college.

For our midterms, we were told to design a site for our course.








(more images to follow, currently looking for those)
I designed the lay out background, then my groupmates filled in the information (Facilities)

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Heart And Soul: The Director’s Cut

Film is also a form art.

From the locations, the artists, the set, and the script itself makes a film an art. That is why I took FILM ARTS as an elective last semester, to know how to make such a masterpiece.

(By the way, Theatre Arts is the counterpart of Film Arts in our school. Since I like staying behind cam as the mastermind, I chose Film.)

Our professor Emmanuel Pascual taught us everything we needed to know: from the concept, to the script, the shots, and the editing. And for our Finals we made a film. (Well, this is a Film Class, what do you expect?)

Me and my groupmates called ourselves Gradient Motions Production. We brainstormed on what kind of film we wanted to show people. Everyone in the group threw in their suggestions and before we know it, Heart and Soul was born.


Heart and Soul is a love story between a girl and her mother. Through this art we made, we want to remind people how our mothers are important to us.

Watch our film below!

Heart and Soul Movie


Written and directed by yours truly.

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