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Newsletter – UPBeat

Online Journalism was one of our course subjects during our fourth year in college. We already took up Journalism Principles when we were in second year so we already had ideas on what we will have to do.

In our sophomore year, we did a newsletter as our finals. This year, we also did a newsletter– but online. We were divided in to groups of 10. In our group, I had A column and a feature. I wrote about the fears on where will we be after graduation and my experience when I went to the Late Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago’s wake.

Read the articles here:

After Graduation: Where Will We Be?

Hello, Farewell: The First and Last Meet with Sen. MD-S



Nicole Naval is a 21 year old Comm graduate who takes a huge interest in writing. In fact, she now enjoys working as a Creative Writer for events. Poems and stories are still on her writing list. She also started doing photography and image and video editing.

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