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Certificate Layout – School events

I never knew I would be assigned as a layout artist for our org’s events during my last year of schooling. However, I took on the challenge.

Every year, the BA COMM Society holds a communication seminar entitled: YouThink. This year’s theme is about social media awareness. Since it is related to technology, I presented different designs which are technology-related. Here’s the approved design.


Blue and Orange are our Organization’s colors.

Another event came weeks after: the KAROL Awards. Like YouThink, it is also done yearly where comm students showcase their MVs, PSAs, Dramas, and Short Films. Again, I was assigned to do the certificate. The theme these year is denim.


They want it to look like denim so I did. I just added the film reel so it will still be close to the event. This is for the judges.

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Ideal Site

Another thing I did for our Web Design class, which is our finals, is our ideal portfolio site.



I made it look artsy and colorful. I also incorporated stuff related to what I do (pencil and notebook for writing)

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Sample Layout

Something I made for our Web Design Class when I was in second year college.

For our midterms, we were told to design a site for our course.








(more images to follow, currently looking for those)
I designed the lay out background, then my groupmates filled in the information (Facilities)