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Finding Paolo Onesa – Intern’s Write Up

Finding someone, especially a person you do not know is difficult. But Paolo Onesa seems he’s determined to find the girl of his dreams… well, in the song at least.

Last year I was an intern in an FM radio station, ENERGY FM. I had the chance to talk and interact with the “The Voice” contender who was doing a radio tour to promote his album.

I also had the chance to write the article about him.

Check on the article here:

Finding Paolo Onesa


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Newsletter – UPBeat

Online Journalism was one of our course subjects during our fourth year in college. We already took up Journalism Principles when we were in second year so we already had ideas on what we will have to do.

In our sophomore year, we did a newsletter as our finals. This year, we also did a newsletter– but online. We were divided in to groups of 10. In our group, I had A column and a feature. I wrote about the fears on where will we be after graduation and my experience when I went to the Late Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago’s wake.

Read the articles here:

After Graduation: Where Will We Be?

Hello, Farewell: The First and Last Meet with Sen. MD-S

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Short Film – Sinong Taya?

The BA Communication Society holds the KAROL Awards every year. It’s like a mini Oscars in which students make a production for that awards night only. First years make music videos, second years make PSAs, third years do TV Drama, and fourth years produce a short film.

As the writer, I incorporated all of my groupmates’ ideas into the script. I did not do this alone tho. I worked with Reimond, our EP. To be honest, I can remake this if I can and do a different ending. But I just went with their ideas.

Everyone in the group acted too.

It also won Best Ensemble and Best Supportive Actor.

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Certificate Layout – School events

I never knew I would be assigned as a layout artist for our org’s events during my last year of schooling. However, I took on the challenge.

Every year, the BA COMM Society holds a communication seminar entitled: YouThink. This year’s theme is about social media awareness. Since it is related to technology, I presented different designs which are technology-related. Here’s the approved design.


Blue and Orange are our Organization’s colors.

Another event came weeks after: the KAROL Awards. Like YouThink, it is also done yearly where comm students showcase their MVs, PSAs, Dramas, and Short Films. Again, I was assigned to do the certificate. The theme these year is denim.


They want it to look like denim so I did. I just added the film reel so it will still be close to the event. This is for the judges.

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Baliw? A Documentary

They are seen almost everywhere, roaming around, talking to no one.

Who are they? Those people with mental disabilities. Or as we call in our country, “baliw.” My groupmates and I wanted to know more about them. So we used the opportunity given to us by our Post Production Professor, Ms. Joanne Valdez.

For our finals, we were assigned to make a documentary and edit it ourselves.


Head writer, head editor, cinematographer, and researcher: Me.